Tuesday, 11 May 2010

American Gods

Many a myth and legends be

That tell of blood and sacrifice

Many a tale of vicious gods

But few of dismal godly vice.

The tale unfolds a thousand pasts.

Across the seas and back again.

Imprisoned, wrecked or rescued souls,

Some of gods and some of men.

Talks and tricks and thunderbirds

Cloak-and-dagger cons and coins

Maddening hopes and madder still

The riot when the realm rejoins.

A menacing storm looms and hums,

No self, no name, no age, no death

Can weave a life for those you made

If not for you, if not for faith!

So the story breathes and bleeds

Laughs and loves and sings and cries

This, a tale of troubled gods,

This, a tale of godly vice.

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